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        A few days ago, I met this lovely family. They came from Singapor to celebrate the Charelle’s second birthday. I followed this happy family through the paths of the park. I loved riding the attractions with them and capturing the reaction of the kids.

        What they say about their photoshoot :

        « OMG!! Looking at the photos now, they are so amazing!!! They are so precious. It is like a family heirloom which I can always look back again even after many years. Thanks so much!! No regrets for sure!! »


        Want to learn more about how to book your session at Disneyland with me? I love to document the experience of you and your family making these memories. As you ride the attractions and really soak up that smile your little one makes as they see their favorite Disney character or the expression as they walk around the park. My vision is for you all to enjoy your time at Disneyland together as we get those little in between moments for you.

        If you’ve planned a small or grand adventure and want to savor it all without having to worry about handing your camera off to strangers while you hustle your family into place; if you want true-to-life captures of your kids marveling at first-time sights, get in touch with me here!


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